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Our cellar is a true treasure chest of oenological treasures, where only the most exclusive labels and the finest wines find space. Here, each bottle is carefully selected to offer you an unforgettable sensory experience.

Discover the secrets of our cellar: let yourself be guided in choosing the perfect wine to enhance every flavor and transform your dinner into a sublime experience.

Selected labels

Whether you are looking for a wine to celebrate or a label to give as a gift, you will always find something in our cellar
the most exclusive and curated selection. Each bottle is an opportunity to experience a unique moment and enjoy the pleasures of
table with refinement and style.

Champagne list

Louis Lamar Brut

With its fresh and fruity notes, it is the ideal companion for any special occasion. Sophisticated and refined taste of our Louis Lamar Brut Champagne directly from our cellar!

Veuve Clicquot

Every sip is an unforgettable sensory journey.
At our winery, we invite you to discover the rich history and production process of Veuve Clicquot.

Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Gran Cru

Discover our selection at our cellar and let yourself be seduced by the unmistakable character of Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Champagne. Authentic and refined taste.

Lallier Gran Cru Rosé

Its elegant pink hue, obtained from the blend of carefully selected Pinot Noir grapes, enchants, anticipating an unforgettable sensorial journey. Discover our selection at our cellar.

Louis Lamar Rose

Produced with the best grapes selected from the prestigious vineyards of the Champagne region, Louis Lamar Rosé embodies the essence of refined French savoir-faire.

Champagne list

Francia Corta

Ca’ del Bosco Cuvee Prestige

Produced with a selection of grapes from the best vineyards, Ca’ del Bosco Cuvée Prestige is known for its complexity and unique character.

Contadi Castaldi Brut

Produced with care and skill using grapes selected from the best Franciacorta vineyards, Contadi Castaldi Brut is a modern and refined interpretation of the classic champenoise method.

Contadi Castaldi Saten

This particular sparkling wine stands out for its creaminess and elegance, characteristics that make it a perfect option for celebrating the most special moments in life.

Contadi Castaldi Zero’

This sparkling wine is characterized by a total absence of added sugars, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and authentic taste without sacrificing quality.

Contadi Castaldi Rosé

This rosé sparkling wine is obtained from the skilful union of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, offering a perfect balance between freshness, complexity and delicacy.


Prosecco Valdobbiadene

Characterized by fresh fruity aromas of green apple and pears, then reaching acacia honey and biscuits, with very thin floral whiffs of white rose in the background.

Ribolla Gialla Puiatti Extra Brut

On the nose we perceive notes of yellow peach and apricot, broom and orange blossom. It is then surrounded by mineral lashes that recall granite. When you taste it it remains fresh.

Selection by Roody

Brunello di Montalcino Biondi Santi 1998

This Brunello di Montalcino represents an authentic work of art of Italian oenology, produced by one of the most historic and respected wineries in the region.

Barbaresco DOP Gaja 2020

Produced with passion and skill by the renowned Gaja winery, this label represents the pinnacle of Piedmontese wine craftsmanship.

Tignanello 2019

Produced with passion and skill by the illustrious Tenuta Tignanello, this red wine represents the pinnacle of Italian wine craftsmanship.

Carmenero Ca’ del Bosco ’98

On the nose this wine opens with an intense and enveloping aromatic bouquet, with notes of ripe red fruits and sweet spices.

Magari Ca’ Marcanda 2021

Expertly produced by the renowned Ca’ Marcanda estate, this label represents the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. It opens with intense notes of red fruits and spices.

Chianti Montesodi Frescobaldi 2019

Produced with care and passion by the historic Frescobaldi estate, this label represents the essence of Chianti Classico. Floral notes and earthy hints typical of the Tuscan territory.

Chianti Riserva Ducale Oro Ruffino 2019

This wine opens with deep notes of ripe red fruits, followed by accents of spice, tobacco and vanilla. In the mouth, it stands out for its harmonious structure and elegance.

Vino Nobile Bossona DEI 2017

It is produced exclusively with Sangiovese grapes, softly pressed and fermented in stainless steel at a controlled temperature of 26 – 28°C, with a maceration that lasts for a period of 28-30 days.

Amarone della Valpolicella Bertani 2019

A wine that differs because it was born on more mineral soils, which give life to spicier and fresher wines, wines with nerve but within a soft and persuasive texture.

Traminer Aromatico Jermann

This Traminer is golden straw in color with a beautiful brightness, it gives the nose delicate and clear varietal scents, with sensations of rose petals, kumquat, grapefruit and boxwood.

Costa d’Amalfi Marisa Cuomo 2021

Marisa Cuomo’s Costa d’Amalfi Rosso is a fresh and enchanting wine with hints of red fruit and spices that well represent a territory as unique as the land in which it was born.

Barbera d’Alba Pio Cesare 2021

Intense and fragrant red wine, produced by the historic Piedmontese winery Pio Cesare. Pure vinification of Barbera grapes, a native variety with unmistakable aromas.

Sassicaia 2019

On the nose, this wine releases aromas of cherry, black cherry and small berries intertwined with notes of chocolate and toasted dried fruit. On the palate it expresses a full flavour.

Barolo Boschetti 2012

Among the most famous and prestigious, born from the oldest and best vineyards of the Bussia cru and put on the market 9 years after the harvest. It is characterized by aromas of fruit, leather, chocolate, flowers and sweet spices.

Ca’ Marcanda Bolgheri 2020

On the palate it is decidedly full-bodied, with excellent depth, a dense structure and a solid body. This wine already shows a wide range of personalities.

Dagromis Barolo DOP 2019 Gaja

On the nose it is elegant and delicate, in the floral tones of violet and iris, in the fruity ones of cherry and raspberry, with a balsamic base of licorice and roasting.

Gattinara Torraccia 2018

The Gattinara red is one of the most prestigious labels of the Torraccia del Piantavigna winery in Novara. It is a reality that has contributed to making the history of this enchanting corner of Northern Piedmont.

Barolo Bersano 2018

Very clear garnet colour, it smells of inviting and sweet aromas of cherry, chocolate, raspberry jam and sweet spices. The taste corresponds perfectly to the smell, it has a rich structure in the mouth, fragrant acidity, with biting tannin and a long mineral trail.

Santa Catharina DEI 2016

This Toscana Rosso IGT shows off an intense ruby red, from which rise scents of blueberry and blackberry jam, hints of balsamic and violets, embellished with vanilla notes.

Barolo della Marmora 2016

The color is garnet red, of good intensity. The scent is reminiscent of spices such as nutmeg, bay leaf, black pepper, ripe red fruit and black licorice.

Amarone della Valpolicella Fulminato 2018

Ruby red colour, the nose is fruity thanks to black cherries and currants, then anise, liquorice and dried flowers, liqueur chocolate.

Bordeaux Chateau Brandin 2018

Soft tasting, it has an excellent structure which opens up many possibilities for pairing with the table. With a ruby red color and a great consistency.

Capichera Rosè Tambè 2020

This wine is characterized by a very intense aromatic profile, with prevalent hints of rose water and violet. When tasted it is fresh and light.

Rosso Ninfa Velenosi 2020

Ruby, with violet reflections. The nose is marked by deep and persistent scents; In particular, the aromas of blackberry and cherry and the notes of liquorice, graphite, black pepper and tobacco stand out.

Brunello di Montalcino Biondi Santi 2017

With a balanced taste, severe but fair and characterized by an excellent fresh-savory flavor. It is an aging red wine.

Barolo Boschetti 2013

It is a full-bodied and elegant red wine. On the palate it is voluminous, with a velvety and refined texture. It is characterized by notes of wild berry jam, black cherry in alcohol, sweet spices.

Barolo Boschetti 2015

It is a full-bodied and elegant red wine. On the palate it is voluminous, with a velvety and refined texture. It is characterized by notes of wild berry jam, black cherry in alcohol, sweet spices.

Sito Moresco Gaja 2020

Characterized by notes of berries, sweet violet, medicinal herbs, dark spices and balsamic hints. The taste is structured, soft and with well integrated tannins and closes long on balsamic returns.

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Emidio Pepe 2020

This wine is characterized by fresh and broad aromas typical of ripe fruit and white flowers. On the palate it is moderately savory.

Promis Ca’ Marcanda Gaja 2021

On the nose you can smell black fruits and sweet spices, coffee, dried plum, black pepper and roasting aromas. On the palate it is moderately savory.

Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Caparzo 2018

Ruby red colour, the nose presents a very broad and varied set of aromas with memories of berries. On the palate it is dry, warm, harmonious and with excellent persistence.

Barbaresco Produttori Barbaresco 2019

On the nose notes of small red fruits embellished with a light floral trace and a clear spicy hint. In the mouth a taste of rare balance, fresh and light.

Bordeaux Chateau La Roche BIO 2018

Cherry red in colour. This wine has a scent of red and black fruit, embellished with notes of licorice and cedar wood, with a hint of toasted vanilla.

Furore Bianco Marisa Cuomo 2022

This wine has hints of white pulp fruit, small white flowers and aromatic herbs on the nose. It is fresh and supported by a notable mineral texture.

Corte del Lupo Ca’ del Bosco

On the nose it releases fresh aromas of tropical fruit, acacia honey and citrus fruits with mineral garnishes. When you taste it, it is fresh with a light note of flavor.

Gavi Pio Cesare

This wine is characterized by an intense olfactory profile made of apple, lily of the valley and marjoram. The taste is fresh and savory accompanied by mineral veins.

Ca’ Marcanda Vistamare 2023

The vineyards used for Vistamare enjoy panoramic views of the Tuscan horizon, and their grapes are gently intoxicated by the salt air and brilliant colors of the Tuscan sea.

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